[box_title title=”Clymat Design ” after_title=” Digital Creative Agency”]Clymat Design is a Leeds based Digital Creative Agency. We design and develop responsive user-friendly Web applications, cutting-edge mobile applications, Branding, UX design, and produce high conversion video advertising campaigns.

Clymat has notably worked with local and international organizations and individuals to create products and applications that have stood firm in information deliverance and their ability to crucially turn leads into sales, ensuring profits when intended.[/box_title]

[box_feature title=”WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Web” css_animation=”fadeIn” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fclymatdesign.co.uk%2Fportfolio_category%2Fweb%2F|||”]Web design and development is a core business service we offer at Clymat Design. We design and code clean and responsive sites that work on all devices[/box_feature]
[box_feature title=”BRANDING & GRAPHIC DESIGN” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Carioca” css_animation=”fadeIn” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fclymatdesign.co.uk%2Fportfolio_category%2Fbranding%2F|||”]Clymat Design brands entities and individuals, we always aim to separate you from the herd. Our graphic Design ensures you retain an individual look and feel.[/box_feature]
[box_feature title=”VIDEO PRODUCTION” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Video” css_animation=”fadeIn” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fclymatdesign.co.uk%2Fportfolio_category%2Fvideo%2F|||”]Video production ensures your brand stays visually consumable to your customers and prospective customers. We use a creative out of the box approach always.[/box_feature]
[box_feature title=”UX/UI Design ” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-ChartUp” css_animation=”fadeIn” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fclymatdesign.co.uk%2Fportfolio_category%2Fux-ui-design|||”]UX design has become an integral part of product and service success stories. Clymat Designs for a good user experience in products and services.[/box_feature]
Clymat Design Digital Creative Agency
[box_title titlepos=”text-right” css_animation=”bounceInLeft” before_title=”We design & develop” title=”Who are we & what we do” after_title=”We not just a creative agency”]Clymat Design’s goal is to be a brand that is well known to create, develop, and sustain other brands. Our vision is to create products and applications that are built for the end-user and known and loved for their ease of use and precise and timely information deliverance. We do not build for the developer no….we build and implement for the end-user!!! Look at our services here[/box_title]
Clymat Design Services
[box_amount title=”Projects delivered” amount=”126″ icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Wallet”]
[box_amount title=”Coffe’s drank” amount=”7893″ icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Mug”]
[box_amount title=”Happy clients” amount=”87″ icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Like”]
[box_amount title=”Emails sent” amount=”21345″ icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Mail”]
[box_title title=”Our Latest Work” after_title=”Here is some of our recently finished projects”]
[section_portfolio_latest_works cat_port=”152,165,155,157″]
[box_title title=”simple steps . quick results” after_title=”We follow these simple steps to complete our projects”]
[box_icon_step title=”We Plan & Sketch .” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Pencil” css_animation=”fadeIn”]
[box_icon_step title=”We Design & Develop .” step=”2″ color=”invert” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Glasses” css_animation=”fadeIn”]
[box_icon_step title=”We Test & Deliver .” step=”3″ icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Plaine” css_animation=”fadeIn”]
web design 100%
App Design 90%
Video 85%
Graphic Design 100%
Every client is important to us!

Clymat Design values your input and we are here to expand on your ideas and help them navigate the exciting world of digital and print!!

Clymat Design prides itself in having a host of various skills that can take an idea from inception to production by going through rigorous productive iteration and testing to produce products and services that can hold their ground in their respective industries.

[box_title title=”Follow Us on Instagram” after_title=”See some of our works on social media”][/box_title]
[box_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90c2GotZ3eo” title=”Watch our featured Video Production” undertitle=”Logo Reveal Project in 3D”]Duration :  0:11[/box_video]
[box_title title=”Experienced Digital Designer” after_title=”Meet your Digital Designer”]Clayton is an experienced digital designer who can take ideas from concept to wireframe, to prototype to production. He is always looking to improve, solve problems, and produce better results. His skills include Web design and development, animation, video production, branding, prototyping, UX, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, and user research. Have a look at his portfolio for more[/box_title][section_team 0=””][section_team_member image=”5255″ name=”CLAYTON MATANGIRA” position=”Creative Director” scn1=”https://twitter.com/drmatangira” scn_icon1=”fa-twitter” scn2=”https://www.facebook.com/docmatangira” scn_icon2=”fa-facebook” scn3=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/clayton-matangira-b6656ab8/” scn_icon3=”fa-linkedin” scn4=”https://www.googleplus.com/doccly” scn_icon4=” fa-google-plus” scn5=”admin@clymatdesign.co.uk”][/section_team]
[box_title title=”What clients said” after_title=”This is what some of our clients had to say”]
[/box_title][section_reviews reviews_per_page=”1″ disable_carousel=”1″][section_review image=”4420″ title=”Tsvimbo Tsvuku” position=”CEO Afridriptec”]@clymatdesign thanks for the brilliant media clip. Super work and very professional, keep it up guys

[/section_review][section_review image=”4424″ title=”Pastor Herbert Mutize” position=”Your Grace Chapel”]The work you did on our church flyer was something else may the lord god bless your venture.


[box_icon_big title=”Best & affordable web & mobile applications, creative graphic design and catchy video productions!!” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Briefcase” css_animation=”fadeInLeft” info=”Discuss your project with us”]
[box_button btntype=”btn-info” btnstyle=”text-center” css_animation=”fadeInRight” btntext=”Get Started NOW” btnlink=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fclymatdesign.co.uk%2Fcontactus|title:Get%20Started%20NOW|target:%20_blank|”]
[box_title title=”Pricing plans” after_title=”We have prices to suit everyone`s business plan” before_title=”web design & development”]
[section_prices 0=””][section_price price_title=”BRANDING DESIGN” price_amount=”£180″ price_date=”Corporate Identity” btntext=”” css_animation=”zoomIn” btnlink=”url:%23||”]

  • 3 different logo samples
  • 2 Logo Revisions
  • Vector File Format (Can be resized easily)
  • 5 different logo samples.
  • Unlimited revisions

[/section_price][section_price type=”active” price_title=”Web Design & Development” price_amount=”£450″ price_date=”Basic Web Design” btntext=”” css_animation=”zoomIn” btnlink=”url:%23||target:%20_blank”]

  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • 10 FREE e-Mail Users
  • 600GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Complete Analytics
  • Unlimited Databses
  • Up to 50 pages
  • E-Commerce

[/section_price][section_price price_title=”Video Production” price_amount=”£150″ price_date=”Basic short video” btntext=”” css_animation=”zoomIn” btnlink=”url:%23||”]

  • Video strategy
  • 3 Video Formats
  • Hard Copy
  • Animated
  • 1 retake


[box_title title=”Latest news” after_title=”Here whats been going on with us”]
[/box_title][block_posts cat_post=”2,3,1,4,136″ columns_number=”2″ posts_count=”2″]
[box_twitter num_of_tweets=”3″ disable_carousel=”1″ username=”clymatdesign” consumer_key=”a3Wqm2HGBMt3a54UBA9OeR1CA” consumer_secret=”Do199ONNWxQNTyzVavc8zBOgQpGSTmvEttaxuJf3lueNoOKXgV” access_token=”2925162231-lzkr04q5PX8841JeIXCTZdz9ZdVvHeChciluHAk” access_token_secret=”zH5NePNxX1wBKb4beLt6ZN1QTltDEHjf6HWXzxQhlWEdy”]
[box_title css_animation=”fadeInDown” title=”satisfied clients” after_title=”Here is some of the brands we have worked with”]
[/box_title][section_brands 0=””][section_brand link=”||” css_animation=”fadeInLeft” image=”5359″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInLeft” image=”4626″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5306″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5353″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5351″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5320″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5296″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5309″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5324″][section_brand link=”url:%23||target:%20_blank” css_animation=”fadeInRight” image=”5317″][/section_brands]

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