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  • Gwanzura IPM

    Gwanzura IPM

    Gwanzura IPM is a pest management company owned by AfroDripTec PVT LTD a seed and irrigation systems retail company in Zimbabwe, Africa. They sell hybrid seeds and drip irrigation equipment to farmers in Zimbabwe. They came to Clymat Design seeking a logo design for their next venture Gwanzura IPM. Running a business is not easy especially in Africa, but […]

  • AfroDripTec Technisem Seeds

    AfroDripTec Technisem Seeds

    AfroDripTec Technisem Seeds is a seed retail company in Zimbabwe, Africa. They sell hybrid seeds to farmers in Zimbabwe and they came to Clymat Design seeking a logo design. Running a business is not easy especially in Africa, but brand awareness has the added ability to point more clients in your direction.AfroDripTec Technisem Seeds saw this but they […]

  • Absolut Recruitment

    Absolut Recruitment

    Absolut Recruitment LDA is a Portuguese based company. Absolut Recruitment is an agency that recruits online candidates for the UK Health sector at present. They have a view to move into other sectors as their mandate grows. They approached Clymat Design seeking, Branding Marketing resources Social Media Marketing Absolut Recruitment has a heavy reliance on online presence […]

  • Langa Music

    Langa Music

    Langa music is a record label company in Zimbabwe, Africa. They sign and record mostly gospel Music and they came to Clymat Design through social media. Have seen some of our great work on our social media pages, Lang Music decided to rebrand themselves and took a position to make their brand known by using our […]

  • TV commercials

    TV commercials!

    Tv Commercials are a core service we produce at Clymat Design. We have a company specifically for our video and Tv commercials production called ClymatStudios. Here is a Tv Commercial we did for construction Ahead after branding them and undertaking their web design and development We produce both animated and live action marketing videos for your […]

  • Vets Riverside

    Vets Riverside

    Vets Riverside is conveniently located to care for your pet. We branded them with a new logo and produced this short logo animation for them. We designed a responsive HTML CSS based website

  • Charged Power

    Charged Power

    Charged Power Christmas video animation production by Clymat Design. Charged Power is the ultimate premium and lifestyle brand for portable chargers and smartphone accessories. To thank their customers for their support and faith in their premium products, Charged Power commissioned this video from Clymat Design. We are making Christmas videos for brands, corporates and individuals to express how you feel […]

  • Logo Sting

    Logo Sting

    Logo Sting video production for an accounting firm. For each branding project we undertake……we animate the brand in a video accordingly with sound effects, audio the works. A logo sting can be used on a landing page on your website so visitors will interact with your logo from the very onset and it obviously gives […]

  • Brand awareness

    Brand awareness

    Brand awareness or in other terminology, marketing is pivotal to brand success. At Clymat Design we put together various things to make sure your brand succeeds. From the very inception of your brand, if you are to get us involved, we will be able to formulate the right direction for your brand so that emergence, sustenance, […]

  • Christmas video production

    Christmas Video Production

    Christmas video production at Clymat Design. We wish you all a merry 2017 Christmas here at Clymat Design and we designed and produced this animated Christmas Video for all our clients and prospective clients. You to can have a Christmas video production from us to your clients. You can have a look at some of our video […]