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Dine At Home

Dine@Home UX Design

Dine at Home is a mobile application that users can book a chef to come to their home to give them a personalized restaurant experience. At the backdrop of the Coronavirus, a gap in the market was realized when restaurants were shut down and most chefs were either furlough or left unemployed but there were people that missed the dining out experience. To test the concept, we produced the application we branded Dine@Home. The idea was to bring a professional chef into your home to cook a lavish meal of your favourite cuisine for you and your loved ones. The long-term goal was to make this application an ongoing concept long after the end of the effects of the Coronavirus. We intend to produce an evaluation-centred responsive UX Design mobile app product cycled through Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation.

What We Did

The Dine at Home design brief contained,

  • The UX strategy
  • The user research process, results, and analysis
  • Competitor analysis as part of UX strategy
  • User Personas
  • Project Considerations
  • The Deliverables
  • Moodboard>

The design brief can be downloaded: Here

After scoping and defining the project in the Design Brief, we went into the design phase, this was documented in a digital sketchbook with,

  • The iterations of 3 logo designs with one final choice
  • Sketches for the product based on user research and analysis
  • The design iterations the prototypes in XD

Here is the Sketchbook

Tools Used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere


A walkthrough video for the project and can be watched HERE