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  • C & S Recruitment Agency

    C & S Recruitment Agency

    C & S Recruitment Agency provides fast, reliable trusted professionals who are highly experienced and provide unrivaled quality services.

  • Student Companion

    Student Companion

    Student Companion is a time management application for university undergraduate students. Effective time management and university grades for students were often linked, with previous research concluding a relationship, although the relationship was found to be weak.

  • AA UX Improvement

    AA UX improvement

    AA UX improvement was a project we undertook for the digital showcase module. Below is the process we went through to design the improvement.

  • Dine at Home UX

    Dine At Home

    Dine at Home is a mobile application that users can book a chef to come to their home to give them a personalized restaurant experience.

  • School Trip UX/UI

    School Trip

    School Trip is an iOS mobile application that addresses the needs of Headteachers, sports teachers, school parents, and students for planning school trips. 

  • Ban Group

    Ban Group

    Ban Group is a Southern African-based company that we recently had the pleasure to brand.

  • Diamond Link Promotions

    Diamond Link Promotions

    Diamond Link Promotions, caters to the events industry managing, producing, and hosting high-end events and concerts.

  • Q & R Recruitment Services

    Q&R Recruitment Services

    Q & R Recruitment Services What We Did We had a sit down with the Q & R Recruitment Services team to find out more about them as a company, and what they wanted to achieve by taking their business to the web. We followed the design brief that we had created from our meetings […]

  • RPJ Couriers

    RPJ Couriers

    RPJ Couriers RPJ Couriers is a dedicated courier for residential and commercial deliveries within the United kingdom. With the prevailing pandemic conditions, courier companies have enjoyed growth in business, and this was more so with RPJ Couriers that they decided to upscale their operation and go online. They approached Clymat Design to bring this plan […]

  • Reid Office Supply

    Reid Office Supply

    Reid Office Supply offers a single office chair or complete office refit, Catering for the Executive level to the General Office. A wide range of furniture off the shelf or manufactured to your specification for Schools, Libraries, and studies. They offer Ideal solutions to suit all your office furniture budgets and tailor our product solutions […]

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