Our services

Our Services

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Every customer is important to us!

Our Services at Clymat Design, are tailored to make your web development project a huge success!!

Our team of experienced coders, web developers, illustrators, and producers are on standby to tackle your web design and development project. We develop responsive, clean and user-friendly websites. Each site we develop comes with the following.

  • Responsive to all devices and most platforms.
  • Mobile template as standard
  • two video commercials for marketing purposes
  • Guaranteed to be indexed by search engines

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Get an iOS mobile app from a registered Apple developer!!

We design and develop iOS apps, Android apps and Windows apps. Partner with us now!!

We create a dedicated CMS for each app. Securely manage and update content in real time – no need to re-download the app!

We build native apps packed with interactive features using all the native device functions, GPS, proximity, camera, etc..

Each app is built to use existing authentication services – social media, portal etc. – for secure user access to your app

We include existing web functionality via the Web Applet extension (javascript/HTML5)..

  • Native Functionality
  • App Distribution
  • OAuth 2.0 Connector
  • App Management – CMS
  • REST API Connector

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Creative video marketing production and TV commercials!

Clymat Design video production for social and main stream media!!

We produce both animated and live action marketing videos for your project with professional voiceovers for animation.
Firstly we listen to you and what you need. We learn about your business and brand. That way we develop a creative concept.
Our experience producing some of the freshest and most innovative work across a broad range of industries means we can strike the perfect balance of concept, direction, quality, style, and content. look at our video productions Here
We have a formidable team of highly creative individuals that will take care of the live filming part and post-production part ensuring a quality end product to your relevant project. We always follow the list below to produce your video

  • Video Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Expert Filming
  • Post-Production & Finishing

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Its not just branding design, we call it identity design!

Clymat Design is a brand that brands and sustain other brands!!

It all begins with an idea….a brilliant idea but you will need us to make its brilliance reap you profit, loads of profit. But first lets brand you to make your brilliant idea stand out from the very onset.
You are whom your logo says you are. If your logo game is weak …. you bound to look weak out there. We are a total branding solution. Come let’s separate you from the herd.
Clymat Design retains some of UK’s most gifted and dedicated Graphic designers and illustrators.
We value your input from the inception up till final development after all its your business we branding.

Each branding project is unique to each client.There is no duplication or borrowed design concepts, remember the goal is to ensure you stand out.We will brand you until the project is finished to your satisfaction at no additional billing regardless of time spent on your project.


[box_feature_left_icon title=”Music Compositions” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-MusicNote” css_animation=”zoomIn” under_title=”background music that entice”]Our video ad productions come with unique music as standard produced inhouse.


[box_feature_left_icon title=”24 HR SUPPORT” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Message” css_animation=”zoomIn” under_title=”we always here”]If your project comes with a support package rest assured we are here for you 24Hrs a day!!.


[box_feature_left_icon title=”Clean & modern” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Pencil” css_animation=”zoomIn” under_title=”sleek & fresh designs”]All our graphic designs, web designs, mobile app designs or video production are sleek and clean.


[box_feature_left_icon title=”PROFIT ASSURED” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-ChartUp” css_animation=”zoomIn” under_title=”profit realisation”]If your goal is to make profit then our products and solutions we ensure you do so.


[box_feature_left_icon title=”DIGITAL MARKETING” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-Megaphone” css_animation=”zoomIn” under_title=”providing marketing services”]We have a proven marketing strategy that will expose your brand exponentially.[/box_feature_left_icon][box_feature_left_icon title=”Responsive design” icon_pixstrokegap=”icon icon-DesktopMonitor” css_animation=”zoomIn” under_title=”Assured to work across all devices”]We ensure all sites look and run the way they should on any screen and device.


[box_title titlepos=”text-right” css_animation=”slideInLeft” before_title=”We think & deliver” title=”Areas of expertise” after_title=”Come and grow with us”]Our services at Clymat Design are tailored in a way to ensure recognition, growth and survival of any brand. Sometimes its easier if you let us provide you the full service as this not only make our job quicker and easy , but it also ensures we litter your entire project with our brand of brilliance. For a free chat and quote, come into our offices or just give us a ring. Its usually just as easy as thta .


Clymat Design Services
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[/box_title][section_analytics css_animation=”rotateIn” image=”4679″][section_analytics_option css_animation=”fadeInLeftBig” title=”Web Design & Development” under_title=”Clean & responsive designs” info=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. ” info_text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. “]Responsive and interactive web design and development. We keep and create new trends.

[/section_analytics_option][section_analytics_option itempos_vert=”middle” css_animation=”fadeInLeftBig” title=”Branding Design” under_title=”Creative Identity designing ” info=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. ” info_text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. “]We furnish you with the necessary designs to make your brand stand out,
stamping your presence anywhere.

[/section_analytics_option][section_analytics_option itempos_vert=”bottom” css_animation=”fadeInLeftBig” title=”Graphic Design” under_title=”We design engaging objects” info=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. ” info_text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. “]Our Service of graphic design is certainly guaranteed to catch any discerning eye.

[/section_analytics_option][section_analytics_option itempos=”right” css_animation=”fadeInRightBig” title=”App Design & Development” under_title=”Best solutions that works” info=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. ” info_text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. “]User friendly mobile applications with native functionality as standard.award winning designs

[/section_analytics_option][section_analytics_option itempos=”right” itempos_vert=”middle” css_animation=”fadeInRightBig” title=”Video Production” under_title=”Creative Marketing Videos” info=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. ” info_text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. “]Our service of Video production comes with an option of animated or live filming for you marketing purposes.

[/section_analytics_option][section_analytics_option itempos=”right” itempos_vert=”bottom” css_animation=”fadeInRightBig” title=”MARKETING” under_title=”Marketing brands on social media platforms” info=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. ” info_text=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consect letur se adipisicing elit sed don eiusmod. “]We design and run advertising campaigns on Social or mainstream media to ensure exposure of your brand that reaps you profit.[/section_analytics_option][/section_analytics]

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[box_title title=”Our pricing plans” after_title=”We have packages for everyone”]
[section_prices][section_price price_title=”Branding Design” price_amount=”£180″ price_date=”Corporate Identity” btntext=”” css_animation=”zoomIn” btnlink=”url:%23||”]

  • 3 different logo samples
  • 2 Logo Revisions
  • Vector File Format (Can be resized easily)
  • 5 different logo samples.
  • Unlimited revisions

[/section_price][section_price type=”active” price_title=”Web Design & Development” price_amount=”£450″ price_date=”Basic Web Design” btntext=”” css_animation=”zoomIn” btnlink=”url:%23||target:%20_blank”]

  • 1 Hosting Account
  • 10 FREE email Users
  • Basic Pages
  • Complete Analytics
  • Unlimited Databases

[/section_price][section_price price_title=”Video Production” price_amount=”£150″ price_date=”Basic short video” btntext=”” css_animation=”zoomIn” btnlink=”url:%23||”]

  • Video strategy
  • 3 Video Formats
  • Hard Copy
  • Animated
  • 1 retake


[box_title title=”What clients say” after_title=”This is what some of our clients had to say”]
[/box_title][section_reviews reviews_per_page=”2″ disable_carousel=”1″][section_review image=”4749″ title=”Ashley Brookes” position=”CEO Hair By Tilford”]Professionalism from start to finish. Top Agency.

[/section_review][section_review image=”4747″ title=”Eddie Kebab” position=”Owner/CEO Kebab Premier”]The best designers i have seen thus far.


Moble App Design
Moble App Design
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